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Let Loose and Light Up the Night! (But not the room - phew!)

Are you ready to experience the most liberating dance party ever? Join us for our monthly event, Dance in the Dark, where there are NO routines, NO judgment & NO lights! – just pure, uninhibited fun!

What to Expect:

It's all about you, the music, and the magic of the dark. Dance in the Dark is your chance to groove without judgment, or fear, to feel the beat and move however your body wants. In the pitch-black, you can let go of all your worries and just dance like no one's watching – because they aren't!

Epic Tunes – Our playlist is packed with hits from every genre and decade. Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip-hop, or electronic, we’ve got the tracks to get you moving. From banging beats to smooth rhythms, the music will take you on a journey of pure dance bliss.

Good Vibes Only – This is a safe space for everyone, whether you’re a dancing queen or have two left feet. The darkness creates a unique sense of freedom and unity, making it easy to connect with the music and the energy of the people around you. !

Upcoming Dance Dates:


Why Dance in the Dark?

Because it's fun! Whether you’re blowing off steam, looking for a new way to exercise, or just want to dance your heart out, this event is for you. It’s an unforgettable experience where you can express yourself freely, let loose, and find joy in movement.

Don't miss out on the best dance party around. Grab your friends, reserve your spot, and get ready to dance like never before.


1 ticket $20

2 tickets $30!


Limited spots available, so sign up now and let's get this party started!

Get to know Epiphany below....

Hi, I’m Epiphany.

Honestly, my needs used to baffle me.


I always pushed myself past my limits. I worked long hours, said yes to everything, and endlessly prioritised other people's needs over my own. Eventually, after working as a documentary director and travelling to 30 countries in one year, with 17-hour workdays, I burnt out. It was finally time for me to get serious about my well-being.

I went from experiencing relentless anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and having a consistently activated fight-or-flight response to regulating my nervous system. By implementing a unique model of care that focused on identifying my needs and getting them met effectively, I detangled my thoughts, feelings and protective behaviours. Eventually, my feet found the earth again.

Cut to 10 years later, of course, life ebbs and flows, but for the most part, I feel well, strong and joyful. No more depression, no more relentless anxiety and no more chronic pain. My whole life has changed for the better.


In addition to my history as a Documentary Director, Guinness World Record holder, an Australian Directors Guild award winner, a Voice-Over Artist, and the Co-Creator of the mental health app Onlyhuman, I have a diploma in Meditation Therapy. Blending elements of holistic counselling, life coaching and, of course, meditation.


Using my unique Needs Method, I've worked with thousands of people. Through different workshops, courses, and one-on-one sessions. I'm excited to work with you, too! Together, we'll identify your needs and actually get them met. 


I’m here to walk through it with you.

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