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Meditation Therapy

Hi, my name is Epiphany, and I am a qualified Meditation Therapist. Meditation Therapy blends elements of holistic counselling, life coaching, and meditation.


I believe your thoughts/feelings/behaviours indicate your unmet needs. I can help you identify your needs and get them met. Through this work together, you'll see your intrusive thoughts, overwhelming feelings, and harmful behaviours start to shift naturally.

We'll also regulate your nervous system along the way. Less chaos, more calm. Sound good?

Self Directed Healing

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My approach



Whether we are working in-person or online, our space together is always safe because I'm listening and I care. You decide how much and when you want to share. This space is yours.

My approach may feel different than others you've tried. Instead of questioning yourself, my goal is for you to learn how to back yourself. I believe you, I don't think you're making anything up, I don't think you're being "too much", I think how you feel is reasonable. 



Why have you struggled to just STOP a protective mode (e.g. perfectionism, procrastination, anger)? Because that mode was trying to get a need met for you.
In learning to meet that need in a different, more effective way, the mode starts to dial down naturally. 

This is the Needs Method. It's the missing piece. Together, we will uncover your protective modes, identify what unmet needs they're indicating and then actually get your needs met.



I LOVE working with couples. Here, you'll learn how to repair any ruptures in the relationship.

We'll also apply the Needs Method to this couple setting by refocusing individual efforts so that each person actually FEELS loved. This is about understanding each other's needs and meeting them through simple, consistent ways.

Couple work is doable, worthwhile and, dare I say, fun!



By integrating somatics and meditation into the therapeutic process, you'll gain additional benefits:

  • Reduced stress

  • Enhanced focus

  • Improved sleep

  • Less anxiety

  • Embodiment

  • Pain minimisation

  • Improved physical health

  • Effortless emotional processing

  • Boosted self-compassion

  • Nervous system regulation (goodbye fight/flight!)

Is Meditation Therapy for me?

  • Are you struggling to break cycles of reactivity and want to respond more calmly in stressful situations?

  • Do you find it challenging to manage your anxiety and wish for more peace of mind?

  • Are you looking to improve your relationships and communicate more effectively with your loved ones?

  • Do past traumas continue to affect your present life, and are you seeking ways to heal and move forward?

  • Are you dealing with low self-esteem and looking to build a stronger, more confident self-image?

  • Are you navigating a major life transition and feeling overwhelmed by the changes?

  • Is chronic stress taking a toll on your mental and physical health, and are you looking for effective stress management techniques?

  • Are you struggling to cope with grief or loss and need support to process your emotions?

  • Do you want to change a particular behaviour that is negatively affecting your life and relationships?

  • Are family conflicts causing stress and strain, and do you wish to improve your family dynamics?

  • Are you dealing with a chronic illness or a significant health issue?

  • Is your relationship in need of some TLC? And are you and your partner willing to try?

  • Do you wish to build resilience and better handle the ups and downs of life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Meditation Therapy could be a great way to support yourself. If any of the protective modes below sound familiar, then Meditation Therapy might just be the next right thing.

High stress
A loud inner-critic

Compulsive behaviours



Intrusive thoughts

Imposter syndrome

"The Blues"
Low self-worth
Inflammation/fatigue/chronic pain


Inability to relax


Inability to express emotions

Need for approval

Numbing behaviours

Emotional volatility


"Trust issues"

Chronic Anxiety/Overwhelm


What's included?

Your healing is up to you. While I work with a self-directed approach, here is what a typical session with me could look like :

  1. Online or in-person 1 hr session.

  2. Each session begins with a brief meditation designed to ground your nervous system.

  3. Then, through collaborative exploration, we'll uncover your specific needs and develop a personalised plan to get them met. You'll never have to face your challenges alone; I've got your back.

  4. We conclude each session with a meditation that integrates the discussed themes, providing you with a 'next step' as well as a sense of comfort and peace to carry forward. This bespoke meditation is offered as a resource and is available to you whenever you need it.

  5. Additionally, you will get access to my full resource library, which includes my ultimate needs menu, tailored worksheets, self-compassion challenge, cheat sheets, and my 10-day meditation course.

You also get consistent support from me. You can reach out at any time. Once I'm on your wellness team, I'm there to stay.

Get Your Needs Met _ workbook
Client, 42, Australia
"Epiphany creates a warm, welcoming, safe space during her sessions. She has helped me immensely with my recent psychological trauma and I can honestly say meditation therapy has been a much needed change to “regular” therapy practices. I highly recommend Epiphany and encourage those looking to restore a sense of calm in their lives to reach out and give her sessions a try."

You're not alone.

"I don't think anyone should have to do this work alone, and why should we have to? I'm ready to support you, to walk through this together."



If you're an existing client and wish to dive deep into something specific to see rapid progress, you can bundle 3 sessions to get 20% off.


How long does it typically take to see results from Meditation Therapy?

Most people feel relaxed and calm after one session; however, they start to notice consistent improvements in stress, mood, and overall well-being after 3-4 sessions together.

Here's the thing: my goal is to help you navigate your challenges so that you can do it by yourself. 

I wouldn't be a good practitioner if you needed to come back to me every time you had an issue. In my opinion, I've done a good job if you feel comfortable and confident in regulating your own emotions and navigating your needs independently. That's what we work towards. 

What are the benefits of Meditation Therapy for mental health and overall well-being?

The benefits of Meditation Therapy are numerous and well-documented. Research shows it can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms, enhance emotional regulation, improve attention and concentration, promote better sleep, and increase feelings of overall happiness and well-being. Additionally, Meditation Therapy can help individuals cultivate greater self-awareness, develop healthier protective mechanisms, and build resilience to life's challenges.

What are the costs associated with Meditation Therapy?

A single session is $150 AUD (approximately $100 USD) .

If you're an existing client, you can bundle 3 sessions and receive 20% off! 

If you are a business or sole trader you can claim our sessions as expenses.

How do you tailor Meditation Therapy sessions to meet the individual needs of clients?

I customise each session to suit the individual needs and aspirations of my clients. Your healing is self-directed. You can pick from a range of techniques, including guided meditation, body scans, breathwork, and somatics, to regulate your nervous system. You are in the driver's seat when it comes to what you want to focus on in our sessions in regard to topics, challenges or concerns. If you choose, I can integrate elements of evidence-based approaches to help you identify protective modes that have become maladaptive. By providing a nurturing and safe space, I hope to empower you to explore your inner landscape, nurture self-compassion, and develop effective strategies for coping with stress, anxiety, and other well-being challenges.

Are our sessions confidential?

Our sessions are confidential unless I believe there's a risk of harm to you or another individual. Cultivating safety for you is my number one priority. 

Hi, I’m Epiphany.

Honestly, my needs used to baffle me.


I always pushed myself past my limits. I worked long hours, said yes to everything, and endlessly prioritised other people's needs over my own. Eventually, after working as a documentary director and travelling to 30 countries in one year, with 17-hour workdays, I burnt out. It was finally time for me to get serious about my well-being.

I went from experiencing relentless anxiety, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and having a consistently activated fight-or-flight response to regulating my nervous system. By implementing a unique model of care that focused on identifying my needs and getting them met effectively, I detangled my thoughts, feelings and protective behaviours. Eventually, my feet found the earth again.

Cut to 10 years later, of course, life ebbs and flows, but for the most part, I feel well, strong and joyful. No more depression, no more relentless anxiety and no more chronic pain. My whole life has changed for the better.


In addition to my history as a Documentary Director, Guinness World Record holder, an Australian Directors Guild award winner, a Voice-Over Artist, and the Co-Creator of the mental health app Onlyhuman, I have a diploma in Meditation Therapy. Blending elements of holistic counselling, life coaching and, of course, meditation.


Using my unique Needs Method, I've worked with thousands of people. Through different workshops, courses, and one-on-one sessions. I'm excited to work with you, too! Together, we'll identify your needs and actually get them met. 


I’m here to walk through it with you.

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