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Postpartum Support Circle

This was me...

This photo was taken after my baby hadn't slept longer than 40 mins for 2 weeks, and only when she was on either my husband or my chest. Our days were filled with tears, exhaustion, and hopelessness. This continued for most of the fourth trimester, thanks to reflux.

The sleepless nights and constant cries took a toll on me, bringing me to one of the lowest points I've experienced in years. I was confused, wasn't this meant to be 100% joyful? The most beautiful thing that I've ever experienced? And sometimes it was, but honestly, most of the time it wasn’t. It was really hard.

I kept thinking, "Man, I did not understand the assignment!

What is wrong with me?"

Nothing. Nothing was wrong with me. This can be what motherhood looks like at the beginning, especially if the birth was rough or circumstances at home are more challenging, such as a lack of a support network, previous mental health challenges, or even difficulty becoming pregnant.

My name is Epiphany Mason, and I'm a Meditation Therapist on the Central Coast, serving as your circle facilitator. As a Mama who has experienced the challenges of early motherhood firsthand, I know the importance of a supportive space. The moments that truly brought me back to myself and helped me feel lighter were those moments shared. Shared with other women on the same journey as me, in the same boat! Those other women, also wiping spit-up, pee, and poop off their own bodies daily, anchored me. So, this event is more than just a gathering; it's an opportunity to share, connect, and uplift each other.

Event Details:

Join us every Tuesday at 10:00 am for our nurturing Postpartum Support Circle in the Central Coast at The Landing Space. Motherhood is a journey of ups and downs, and our community is here to provide the understanding and connection you need.

Our weekly Postpartum Support Circle in the Central Coast is designed to be a sanctuary where you can share your story, learn coping mechanisms such as mindfulness and meditation to regulate your nervous system, and build a community of understanding.


Whether you're a first-time Mama or navigating the nuances of parenthood once again, you're welcome to join us.

Let's create a space where every Mama feels nurtured, supported, and empowered. Every journey is unique, and together, we can navigate the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Mark your calendars for this meaningful event, the Postpartum Support Circle in the Central Coast, every Tuesday at 10:00 am at The Landing Space in Forresters Beach.

What to bring:

Come as you are. Pajamas are welcome. If you're late, don't worry about it. If your Bub has just had a blowout on your walk in, it is all good. We've got you! If you're happy for me to, I can hold your bub for a bit to give your arms a rest, and there will be comfy mats for them to nestle on and some toys as well.

I look forward to looking after you at the circle, nurturing you because you are doing an amazing job at nurturing that Bub!

Get to know Epiphany below...

Postpartum Support Circle_from epiphany_ meditation therapist life coach holistic counsell
Postpartum Support Circle_from epiphany_ meditation therapist life coach holistic counsell

Hi, I’m Epiphany.

Honestly, meditation used to baffle me.


I thought it meant sitting perfectly cross-legged on the floor, not thinking. After navigating 72 countries in a year with 17-hour workdays, I burnt out, and meditation finally found me. Over the next 5 months, I found myself.

I went from experiencing serious fatigue, chronic pain, and having a consistently activated fight-or-flight response to regulating my nervous system. I detangled my thoughts, protective coping modes, and eventually, my feet found the earth again. I managed to walk through life grounded.

Cut to 5 years later, of course, life ebbs and flows, but for the most part, I treat myself with respect. I show love to myself, compassion, and care. In addition to my history as a Documentary Director, Guinness World Record holder, an Australian Directors Guild award winner, a Voice-Over Artist, and the Co-Creator of the mental health app Onlyhuman, I earned a diploma in Meditation Therapy to better support people like you.


I've worked with thousands online through my courses and in one-on-one sessions, and I'm excited to work with you too. I’m here to walk through it with you.

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