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I've worked with thousands online through my courses and in one-on-one sessions. let's hear from a few of the fantastic people I've supported.


"This is the most powerful teaching I’ve ever learned! Thank you!"


"This is what my soul has been longing for for what feels like an eternity."

Lyn H

"All of your sessions give me hope and encouragement to move forward in a better way. And your sweet calm voice is a tonic, a balm, that soothes my soul. Thank you."

Rosie F, VT, USA

"I know, as opposed to believe, this course is a game changer!"

Olivia V, NS, USA

"Thank you for this profound and healing journey you’ve taken me on! "

Christina D

"Epiphany I wanted to let you know that I have never heard words more beautiful than those that you speak. Thank you so much for blessing us with this program!"

Carmen S, Long Beach

"You are a Beautiful messenger of love and hope. Your voice and the way you deliver your messages is unique and soothing."

Karen Power, London, UK

"Really helped me navigate me grief."


"Your words are a balm for the soul. The rhythms stir and soothe, ignite and soften, elicit inspired action yet make the space for calm surrender. Simply lovely."

David E

"Dear, dear Epiphany: indeed, there are angels among us! And you are one. I am very grateful to have newly found a place in your audience during this most difficult, beautiful, challenging, painful, and healing season."

Samantha M

"I am very grateful for this wonderful course. It helps me understand who I am."

Steve R, Harbeson, USA

"Thanks for your poetic beauty, your deep insight, your shared heart."

April, Portland, USA

"These words of love speak to my soul. Thank you for creating this and sharing with us."

Doug J

"You are assisting me in letting go of negative stories of fear that have blocked me from feeling and touching my true present self."


"Thanks for helping me forge a new way to forgive myself and approach this wonderful gift of life. "

Sian M, Melbourne

"Pure and simply, "wow" is all I can say presently. I need to sit with this. And I just know that this particular day's content is what my human self has been craving to hear until now. "

David G

"You helped change a life thousands of miles away. Pretty cool. "

Michele, Canberra, AU

"I absolutely love your course! So far is just like beautiful poetry wrapping around my soul. "

Corey, Spring Hill

"This is by far Absolutely Amazing! I do strongly identify with every word you speak, it is like you connect directly with my soul!"


"Thank you dear angel for being there just when I needed you. I am looking forward to class 2."

Christine, QLD Australia

"At times I have felt like I am drowning in stories in my head. This has given me the tools to be able to let them go."

Jamie Sebens, Cincinnati

"Thank you Epiphany for yet another life altering piece of work. Thank you for putting into words things that most of us have not yet found clairity for. I am in deep gratitude to learn and grow from your work."

Judy, PA, United States

"All I can say is, wow! You hit on every single fear, worry, and anxious thoughts I am dealing with. I can’t say enough about this, Epiphany!!! Thank you so much."

Annie G, Canada

Just perfect. Thank you! You are my favorite of all the teachers. Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts."

Nina T

"Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation! This saved me so many times."

Karen Power, London, UK

"Really helped me navigate me grief."

Tiffany G, CA, USA

"That was so powerful. So many tears. Just what I needed to hear on this difficult day."

Ross Patterson

"Kind of magical. No. It WAS magical and transporting. Thank you."

Shannon Farrell, OR, USA

"Some people have the gift of communicating such profound and moving words. She is one of them. Thank you."

Kelly Elizabeth Mayne, UK

"Thank you so much for this beautiful and profound reflection. I wished you had written a whole audio book as I could listen to this for hours."

Sibi, Nairobi, Kenya

"This provoked a genuine paradigm shift deep inside me Thank you, Epiphany, for being so generous with your lessons and your gift."

Noël Jones

"Epiphany, your course is as poetic as it was revealing and inspiring. I intend to listen to it again, in times when I find myself struggling…and thanks to you, I have a little less to struggle with now."


"This course felt so loving and liberating. Epiphany helped me to not hide for but embrace my true self. Thank you so much for that."


"This was a powerful course. I can identify with so much of the content Epiphany covers. She does it in a beautiful, gentle, and uplifting way. I will be coming back to listen and grow."

Tim Bryant, NY, USA

"As someone who has often sought the validation of my worth from others, this course was a gift that has been a integral part of my liberation."

Kate, Colorado 

"One of the BEST courses EVER! So beautifully executed. Thank you!"

Edith, NY, USA

"This was a wonderful experience. Thank you Epiphany for your beautiful voice, your insights and your loving manner. I will carry these important lessons with me and will more than likely do this course again."


"Wow I am blown away by your words and the feeling it has brought to me . I just finished and we be listening again if only to absorb and inhale your words once more . Thank you! I am wordless at the moment and infinitely grateful."

Hannah Saxman, WI, USA

"Truly amazing and beautiful. I feel like I actually stepped into myself for the first time."
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