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The Lab | Group Intensive

1 session a week for 4 weeks. Choose your start date below. (Prices shown in AUD)

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Session Description

Over four weeks, we get into it. Shoulder to shoulder in a tight-knit group, we'll tackle your major roadblocks—self-doubt, those never-ending relationship loops, the tricky world of boundaries – I've got you. This setup is the secret sauce for personal growth. No frills, just the real work. Get your hands dirty while being fully supported in a safe and nurturing space. What's in Store: - Meditation | Cultivate mindfulness and inner strength through guided sessions. - Discussion | Engage in meaningful conversations with fellow participants. I'll create a safe space for you to share without judgment. Each week, we'll explore a common challenge, sharing personal experiences to learn and grow together. - Learning | Explore effective strategies and practical tools to identify your protective modes, and your needs so that you can get them met. PLEASE NOTE: The Lab is a four-week course. It is held weekly on Wednesdays at 8:00am AEST. There is a limit of 8 spots. Our next intake will be on March 20th.

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