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Your Sacred Self


I once prayed for connection to self. 


It’s so easy to lie still in disconnection from ones being, 

having given permission for our soul to surrender 

to life's most tedious and all encompassing trivialities; 

shame, expectation, resentment, 

suffering that comes from others mismanaging their own stories, 

the kind of nuisances that trip you up, 

like a camouflaged pit in your path, 

I did not want to live a booby trapped life, 

so I prayed for connection to self. 


We allow ourselves to be swept up by the winds of pressure, misinterpretation and judgement, 

we structure our lives around the stories 

that others have placed on our shoulders, 

it is not their fault, 

they too had stories told to them, 

but it is up to us to take responsibility for what we do next. 


Will you hold onto their stories and write another chapter, 

or will you throw the book away, 

and write anew. 


The piece of us that is pleading for a new story,

the piece that we are seeking connection with,

is the piece that brought you here today, 

this part of you is your most Sacred Self. 


When our chest that encases our Sacred Self gets tight, 

we must choose another way, 

the way that sets us free, 

we must learn to step out of our pain and discomfort 

to seek the voice, the touch, the sense, 

of our true, highest, authentic, Sacred Self. 


It has a voice that sounds like children laughing, 

like water running over rock, 

like leaves brushing up against each other in the wind, 

like the peaceful silence that comes 

in the darkness of night 

when the world sleeps. 


Your Sacred Self is the angel that sits on your shoulder, 

the white flag of your conscious, 

it is the part of you that tenses when you see someone in pain, 

and the same part that softens to help, 

it is the part of you you cant lie to, 

the part that wants the best for you, 

the part of you that will show you kindness if you let it. 


Your Sacred Self is the part of you 

that sings in harmony with the rest of the world, 

that tells you when you need to rest, 

that allows you to hold hands with another and feel something. 


Your Sacred Self carries your goodness, 

your ability to love, 

to forgive,

to nurture, 

to hold space for others, 

to be still. 


Living from your Sacred Self 

feels like the most natural thing in the world, 

there is zero resistance, 

a letting go, 

a welcoming. 


living from here, 

making choices from here, 

feels like doing the right thing, 

like wearing the perfectly sized shoe, 

like witnessing a cloudless sunset, 

it feels as right as taking a shower when you’re dirty, 

as right as eating your favourite meal when you’re hungry, 

as right as falling asleep, in your own bed. 


Now that you are open and ready 

to listen to your all knowing guide within, 

you will be able to hear it, 

connection will meet your call, 

like a socket being plugged into a wall. 


This seeking, searching, discovering Sacred Self 

doesn’t happen outside of you, 

it happens within, 

you already have all that you need. 


It is about being still with yourself, 

re-sensitizing your ears to the voice you muted, 

awakening your mind to the instincts you were born with, 



Suddenly a surge of light builds from the inside out, 

the weight of your minds stories lift, 

and all you have is tranquility, hope and peace, 

everything simplifies and life’s priorities become clear… 




Love yourself, 

be kind to yourself and the choices you make. 

Love others, as if they were yours. 


That is all. 


Your Sacred Self is waiting for you, 

it wants to tell you that you are loved, 

that you are not forgotten, 

and that you have not lost your strength, 

but rather your bond to self is as mighty as ever, 

you are exactly where you need to be. 


Can you feel your Sacred Self rising from within, 

can you feel her warming you from toe to finger tip, 

are you paired with her now, 

calm, centered, serene. 


Being with your Sacred Self does not require doing, 

or thinking, 

just being as you already are, 

your sacred self is your most effortless you. 


When you listen, 

you are not afraid of anything, 

you never feel alone, 

you are connected, to yourself, 

and through the same voice, to everyone else. 


You now see things so clearly, 

the muck you were apart of before, 

and everything in it, 

is now moving below you, 

you have freed yourself from the sludge, 

and instead of being stuck, 

you are now gazing out over it, 

witnessing the bigger picture, 

you can see the flowers, the trees, the sky, 

everything is perfectly clear, 

and bright, 

and easy, 

all tension, fear and drama dissolves, 

to leave a pool of calm, safe, love to soak in. 


Visit your Sacred Self as often as you can, 

stay with her a little longer each time, 

one moment, and then maybe a moment more, 

until your Sacred Self is no longer a forgotten memory, 

but now the part of you, you live from every day.​



- From Epiphany

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