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Meditation Therapy.

Find relief, resolution, and empowerment in these sessions.

It’s a unique journey towards boosting your well-being by getting your needs met.


What can you expect in a session?

  • Each session begins with a brief meditation designed to ground your nervous system.

  • Then, through collaborative exploration, we'll uncover your specific needs and develop a personalised plan to get them met. You'll never have to face your challenges alone; I've got your back.

  • We conclude each session with a meditation that integrates the discussed themes, providing you with a 'next step' as well as a sense of comfort and peace to carry forward. This bespoke meditation is offered as a resource, available to you whenever you need it.

Your well-being is my priority, and I look forward to working with you to help you find greater contentment, healing, and peace by addressing your needs.

While the sessions are conducted online for your convenience, if you prefer an in-person experience, simply specify when making your booking.

Get to know Epiphany below...

from epiphany image-61_edited.jpg

Hi, I’m Epiphany.

Honestly, meditation used to baffle me.


I thought it meant sitting perfectly cross-legged on the floor, not thinking. After navigating 72 countries in a year with 17-hour workdays, I burnt out, and meditation finally found me. Over the next 5 months, I found myself.

I went from experiencing serious fatigue, chronic pain, and having a consistently activated fight-or-flight response to regulating my nervous system. I detangled my thoughts, protective coping modes, and eventually, my feet found the earth again. I managed to walk through life grounded.

Cut to 5 years later, of course, life ebbs and flows, but for the most part, I treat myself with respect. I show love to myself, compassion, and care. In addition to my history as a Documentary Director, Guinness World Record holder, an Australian Directors Guild award winner, a Voice-Over Artist, and the Co-Creator of the mental health app Onlyhuman, I earned a diploma in Meditation Therapy to better support people like you.


I've worked with thousands online through my courses and in one-on-one sessions, and I'm excited to work with you too. I’m here to walk through it with you.

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